5 Remodeling Tips to Upgrade that Room Off the Garage

If you have an attached garage, you likely have a small room or hallway that connects the garage to your home. Have you ever thought about what you might be able to do with this space? If you are like many homeowners, this space probably goes largely unused and undecorated, but there are actually many things that you can do with this space in order to get more use out of it and to make it an attractive part of your home rather than just being “that room off the garage.”

Tip #1:  Change the Flooring

Sometimes, something as simple as changing the flooring can really help to revitalize an area. By changing the flooring, you may be able to make the room look like more of a grand entryway rather than a cold, empty room without any character. If you are on a budget, even something as simple as adding an area rug to a hardwood floor can go a long way toward creating a warmer and more inviting appearance.

Tip #2:  Add Extra Storage

Another option for you to consider is to use that room of the garage as a place for storage. This doesn’t mean the room should become cluttered and be a place for you to throw everything that you don’t know what else to do with. Rather, add some nice custom closet organizers to the space and it can look sleek and inviting while still adding a significant amount of storage space to your home.

Tip #3:  Make it Into a Kid’s Room

Depending upon where the room is located within your home and the size of the room, you might also want to consider making that room of the garage a play room for the kids.  What could be better than having one place where all of their toys stay so the rest of the house can stay clutter-free?

Tip #4:  Create a Guest Room

If the room is large enough and if you are able to keep it relatively private when you want to, you might want to consider transforming that extra room into a guest bedroom. This way, you have a space for friends and family to lay their heads when they come for a visit. If you don’t want the room to always be a bedroom, you might want to put a day bed or a sleeper sofa in the room.  This way, it can serve as a sitting room when you don’t have any overnight guests.

Tip #5: Transform it Into an Office

A growing number of people are deciding to start their own at home businesses, but even if you don’t consider yourself to be an entrepreneur, having an office can be quite handy when it comes to taking care of household responsibilities or when you need to bring your work home. Transforming that room off of your garage into a home office can be a great way to use that extra space!

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