Addition Contractors

An addition contractor is a company or individual that makes additions to a commercial or residential building.

The additions will vary from something as simple as expanding the size of a room to adding something more complex such as an entire room or patio or deck. The scope of work an individual addition contractor will perform is limited only by his company’s expertise, experience, and training.

You will find some addition contractors specialize in either residential or commercial projects thus giving them a higher level of marketability in the area in which they specialize.

What Can an Addition Contractor Do For Me?

There are many different projects for which you may hire an addition contractor.

We think of these projects more commonly in residential settings for jobs such as adding a new room, expanding the side of a room, adding a second wing or story to a house, adding an attached garage, or building a deck or patio.

In the commercial industry, you may find many different projects that focus on expanding the area in either the production or administrative areas of a building.

How Do I Select an Addition Contractor?

The training that is involved in becoming an addition contractor depends upon the type of work the contractor performs. In addition, certain states may have requirements that define what type of training an addition contractor needs in order to work his profession.

In some cases, you will find that government contracts define a certain level of training and expertise for the contractors it will hire to perform additions.

Your state may require certain certification to be in place for a person to work as an addition contractor. In addition, many municipalities also have their own licensing and certifications, so you should check into your state and city’s requirements before hiring an addition contractor.