Basement Contractors

A basement contractor can perform any number of jobs that pertaining to the basement. Although you may think a basement contractor is only responsible for laying the foundation for a new basement, the job actually involves completing any task related to a basement. This may include remodeling the basement or creating an entirely new living space. This may also involve new construction or providing maintenance to an existing structure.

What Can a Basement Contractor Do For Me?

A basement contractor may perform any number of jobs including laying the foundation for a new basement, repairing concrete cracks in an existing one, waterproofing, and even repairing damage caused by a wet basement. With the popularity of modular homes, it is quite frequent for basement contractors to be called upon to lay the foundation for a basement in these homes as well.

With the exception of new construction, the majority of projects a basement contractor might perform are in waterproofing and repairing a wet basement. Commercial contracts may be somewhat more involved since the basements be exposed to moisture for longer periods than residential basements. Depending upon the area of expertise, the basement contractor may also be able to help you design and build a whole new living space in your basement.

How Do I Choose a Basement Contractor?

Each basement contractor must carry a business license to work in the state and municipality in which he or she is working. Therefore, you should be aware of licensing requirements in your area and make certain the contractor you hire has met your state requirements.
Although you don’t necessarily need to hire a basement contractor that is certified in the area, you do want to make certain he or she has been properly trained. Many basement contractors complete apprenticeship programs as well as classroom instruction, so be certain to hire one that has completed as much training as possible.