4 Essential Basement Remodeling Tips

Remodeling your basement is an exciting adventure that allows you to add a new and fun element to your home. Whether you are making a home theater, installing a bar, or simply making a play area for the kids, there are a few basement remodeling tips you should keep in mind in order to make certain the process goes smoothly.

Tip #1: Paying Attention to the Walls

When making your exterior wall frames, it is best to hold them about one inch off the concrete walls. Whether the walls were poured or are block, you will run into problems if they aren’t perfectly straight. By holding the exterior wall frames off by an inch, you will have a little bit of wiggle room to help you make certain your walls are straight.

Tip #2: Check Your Windows
If you have a somewhat new house, your basement windows may be removable. When setting up framing to finish the basement, make sure you will still be able to remove the windows after you are done with the project.

Tip #3: Use a Treated Bottom Plate

It is best to use a treated 2 x 4 for the bottom plate on your walls. This way, you don’t have to worry about the wood absorbing moisture and bringing it into the walls from the basement floor. Even if you are using metal studs, you should use a treated 2 x 4 at the bottom. This way, it will be easier to attach your base molding.

Tip #4: Choose Carpeting Carefully

If you plan to install carpeting on the basement floor, be certain to put a mildew-resistant pad underneath. The pad will help absorb some of the shock while walking on the basement floor. Getting a pad that is mildew-resistant is particularly important in the basement since they have a greater tendency to become moist than the rest of the house.

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