How to turn your home into the envy of your neighborhood

Do you dream of having the home that everyone looks at with envy? If so, you will want to take a closer look at these simple tips that will help you learn how to turn your home into the envy of your neighborhood. Tip #1: Consider Curb Appeal More than likely, many of your neighbors will never even step foot in your home. Therefore, in order to turn your home into the envy of your … [Read more...]

5 Signs You Need to Add an Addition to Your Home

Do you think it may possibly be time for you to expand the size of your home? For many people, an addition becomes a real necessity in order to live a comfortable lifestyle. In order to determine if it is the right move for you, consider these top 5 signs you need to add an addition to your home. Reason #1: Your Family is Growing The most popular reason for adding an addition to a home … [Read more...]

5 Home Improvements Buyers Look for When Buying a Home

If you are planning on putting your home on the market any time soon, you might want to consider making a few home improvements that will help you increase the value of your home. This is particularly true if you do the work by yourself. Of course, you need to know what buyers are looking for in order to get the best return on your investment. With these top 5 home improvements buyers look for … [Read more...]

Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Are you looking for some simple ways to make your home more energy efficient? With the growing number of environmentally-conscious homeowners, it is actually becoming much easier to find and to implement simple ways to make your home more energy efficient. While some of these methods may cost a little bit more money in the beginning, they will save you money in the long run while also conserving … [Read more...]

Home Improvements to Avoid Before Selling Your Home

Are you planning on selling your home in the near future? If so, you will likely want to make some improvements to your home in order to increase its value. At the same time, there are some improvements that you should avoid because they may actually cost you money in the long run. Here is a look at the top 5 home improvements to avoid before selling your home. Improvement #1: Painting in a … [Read more...]

Home Improvements that Increase the Value of Your Home

Are you looking for some simple ways to increase the value of your home? Luckily, increasing the value of your home doesn’t necessarily have to be time-consuming or costly. Make Repairs The most obvious way to increase the value of your home is to repair areas that are damaged. Although this may seem as if it should go without saying, many homeowners overlook damage because the have become … [Read more...]

Top 10 Value Adding Home Improvement Projects


Are you looking for a way to make your home more valuable? With these simple tips and tricks, you will certainly find your home more enjoyable while also increasing its market value. Tip #1: Remodel Your Kitchen Kitchen updates are one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. Adding modern appliances and refacing your cabinets to give it a more modern look is well worth the … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Make Your Home More Green Friendly

These days, a growing number of homeowners are becoming more environmentally aware and choosing to go “green.” By going green, you not only help to protect the planet, you can also save yourself a significant amount of money when it comes to energy costs. With these 5 ways to make your home more green friendly, you can truly get the best of both worlds. #1: Change Your Appliances One of … [Read more...]

Don’t Get Stuck with the Wrong Contractor

Making home improvements not only makes the home more enjoyable for you to live in, it also helps you increase the value of your home. If you are going to call in a professional to help you with the improvements, however, it is important to keep in mind these 5 tips on how to pick the best home improvement contractor. #1: Check References Once you have decided to hire a contractor, start … [Read more...]