How to Make the Perfect Green Friendly Kitchen

Going green in your kitchen has a number of benefits. Not only will it help preserve the planet, it also helps you save money and protect your health. Even better, it is quite simple to learn how to make the perfect green friendly kitchen.

Taking Care of Appliances

Kitchen appliances tend to hog up a great deal of energy. Therefore, in order to save on energy, consider replacing the appliances that are currently in your home. Be sure to look for those appliances that are marked with the Energy Star label, as these appliances are 10-50% more efficient than other appliances.

You can also save water by carefully selecting your appliances. Dishwashers with drawers, for example, tend to be a little more expensive than those without. At the same time, you can wash a small load with one drawer and save on the amount of water used. Faucets with aerators also help save on water because they inject air bubbles into the stream of water while still achieving the same pressure. Recirculation pumps are also helpful, as they keep the water hot and prevent the need to run the water until it gets hot.

Exploring Your Lighting Options

Although recessed lighting is attractive, they can make it more difficult to maintain the temperature in your home. As result, you may need to spend more on heating and air. In order to prevent this from happening, it is important to make certain the cans are airtight.

Regardless of the type of lights you install in your kitchen, look into using fluorescent bulbs or even LED lighting where appropriate. LED lighting is extremely efficient and long lasting. In addition, consider adding motion detectors to your lights. This way, they will automatically come on when you enter the room and will shut off after you have left.

Using Renewable Resources

When purchasing flooring, finishes, and countertops, look for those made with renewable natural resources or those made from recycled products. Engineered stone is a good option for countertops while linoleum is good for flooring. In addition, an increasing number of companies are offering eco-friendly paints, finishes, stains, wallpaper, and adhesives.

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