Home Improvements for the Zombie Apocalypse

Whether you are facing the slow zombies of Night of the Living Dead, the fast zombies of the remake of the Dawn of the Dead, or something in-between like the zombies found in The Walking Dead, there are definitely some steps you can take to prepare your home for the zombie apocalypse. Here are a few ideas to consider if you want to make your home zombie-proof.

Home Improvement #1: Reinforce the Doors and Windows

If you plan to stay in your home, you will first need to reinforce the doors and windows. After all, if the zombies can’t get in your home, you don’t have to worry about them making a snack out of your brain.

Home Improvement #2: Set Up a Post

As a means of home defense, you should also set up a few shooting stands where you can take post and shoot zombies as necessary. Be sure to set up stands in various locations throughout your property so you can get a great vantage point whenever necessary.

Home Improvement #3: Install Surveillance Cameras

You can also keep an eye on the outside world by installing surveillance cameras in your home. With the help of the surveillance cameras and monitors, you can watch for zombies as well as other survivors who may want to come take from your survival supplies.

Home Improvement #4: Create Storage

To prepare for the zombie apocalypse, you will also want to create extra storage space where you can gradually start storing away survival goods. In addition to storing plenty of food that can be prepared without the help of electricity or gas, you will also need to store away water, guns, ammo and other ammunition. Don’t forget the toilet paper either!

Home Improvement #5: Design Hiding Places

If zombies manage to breech the security of your home, you will need to have plenty of hiding places where you can create additional barriers between yourself and the zombies. Instead of enjoying the nice, open architecture that is so popular in modern homes, try installing plenty of doors inside.

Home Improvement #6: Go Green

Taking steps to go green can come in quite handy once the zombie apocalypse strikes, particularly if you focus on finding ways to harness natural energy. You will really appreciate those solar panels and windmills when you are still able to take the occasional shower during the zombie apocalypse.

What home improvements would you make in preparation for the zombie apocalypse?

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