How to Choose a Flooring Contractor

Choosing a flooring contractor is an important part of installing an attractive and long-lasting floor in your home. Given the cost of flooring materials, hiring a qualified and knowledgeable flooring contractor is essential. After all, the last thing you want is to spend a great deal of money on materials only to have it improperly installed. To that end, here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a flooring contractor.

Obtain Recommendations

The first step you should take toward hiring a flooring contractor is to ask your friends and relatives for recommendations. If anyone you know has had a positive experience with a flooring contractor, this is a good place for you to start. If you don’t know anyone who has recently hired a flooring contractor, use the Internet to help you search for reviews and ask potential contractors to provide you with the contact information of references.

Bring Potential Contractors to Your Home

After you have selected a few potential contractors, invite them to come to your home to take measurements and provide you with an estimate. The time you spend with the contractor as he takes measurements will give you a much better idea of his skills and integrity. Of course, the price quotes you receive will also provide you with the opportunity to compare contractor bids in order to find the best price possible. Just keep in mind that the lowest bid is not always the best option, as it is worthwhile to pay a bit extra for quality.

Discuss Options with the Contractor

One way to better determine whether or not a contractor is a good choice is to ask him his opinion regarding your flooring options. A contractor who takes the time to learn more about your lifestyle and your household needs in order to provide you with a professional opinion is the type of person you want to work with.

Ask for Photos

A true professional will have put together a portfolio containing photos of his work. Therefore, he should have no problem with providing you with a profile to look through. As you look through the portfolio, pay particular attention to how simple or elaborate the previous work has been. This will give you a much better idea of the level of craftsmanship the contractor possesses. Things to look for include inlays, difficult cuts and quality of flooring materials.

Insist Upon a Contract

A reputable contractor will automatically draw up a contract containing details regarding the price, payment schedule, start date and completion date. Before signing the contract, make sure you have a clear understanding of the payment schedule and when you can expect the job to be complete.

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