How to Install Kitchen Cabinets

While installing kitchen cabinets is a relatively simple process in theory, the reality is that it can actually be a somewhat difficult process. This is particularly true when it comes to replacing cabinets, as most homes suffer from uneven wall surfaces and crooked floors. As such, making the cabinets level can be a bit tricky. By keeping these tips in mind, however, you can create a whole new look in your kitchen.

Mark a Level Line

Marking a level line is one of the most important steps you can take to properly install your cabinets. When marking your level line for base cabinets, choose the highest point on the floor and then measure the height of the cabinets from there. While this may result in a gap between the bottom of the cabinet and the lower areas of the floor, it will ensure all of your cabinets are at the same level. Later, you will need to insert some shims to eliminate the gaps. You will need to follow the same procedure for upper cabinets as you measure from the lowest point of the ceiling down.

Install Upper Cabinets first

If you are installing both upper cabinets and base cabinets, you should install the upper cabinets first. This way, you will not have to reach over the base cabinets as you attempt to hang the wall cabinets. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about dropping anything on the base cabinets or otherwise accidentally causing damage to the base cabinets.

Make the Cabinet Plumb

In many homes, the wall gradually becomes out of plumb over time. When installing your cabinets, it is important to get the cabinets as plumb as possible. To do this, you will need to place shims behind the cabinet until it sits perfectly plumb against the wall.

Take Your Time with the First Cabinet

While you certainly want to take your time with all of your cabinets in order to install them correctly, you need to use particular care with the first cabinet. After all, the first cabinet will serve as the starting off point for all of the other cabinetry. Even the smallest error with the first cabinet will develop into a big mistake once you get to the third or fourth cabinet.

Even with these tips in mind, installing kitchen cabinets can be quite frustrating for those who have never installed them before. To avoid the frustration and to ensure the cabinets are installed properly, you may want to consider hiring a cabinet contractor to do the job.

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