4 Great Basement Design Ideas for Your Home

In the past, homebuyers and homeowners weren’t all that concerned about basements. So long as they remained dry and were big enough to store plenty of household items, most people were happy with their basements. Today’s homeowner’s, however, are looking at basements with a whole new light and realizing that they can potentially add more livable space to the home. With these great basement design ideas, you can turn your basement into something special.

Going to the Movies

If you love watching movies at home, you might want to consider transforming your basement into a home movie theater. The basement is one of the best places in the home to change into a home movie theater because they generally have no windows or very few windows. Therefore, you can easily make it pitch black as you enjoy your favorite movies.

Getting Sweaty in the Basement

The basement is also a good place to build a home gym. If there is enough overhead space in the basement, you can easily fit a treadmill, a weight set, and other pieces of workout equipment in the basement. With your own home gym, you don’t have to leave your home or pay high club prices to join your neighborhood gym. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about trying to hide unsightly exercise equipment in your living room or bedroom.

Letting the Kids Play

The basement is a great place to create an indoor play area for the kids. By making a house rule that all toys stay downstairs in the play area, you can keep the upstairs clutter free. Your kids can also feel free to run around downstairs in their play area without you having to worry about upstairs items getting damaged.

Entertaining Guests

The basement can also be a great place for entertaining guests. You can transform it into a sports bar and invite the guys over for a football game. Or, make your own little dance club downstairs or even add a pool table. The possibilities are truly endless!

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