How to Update Your Kitchen Into a Tuscan Kitchen

Are you ready to make a change in your kitchen? Many homeowners are looking to update their kitchens in order to make them more functional and attractive while also increasing their value. One popular designing trend involves changing the kitchen to offer a Tuscan look. If this is the look you are going for, follow these simple tips to learn how to update your kitchen into a Tuscan kitchen.

Tip #1: Change the Walls

One of the characteristics of a Tuscan kitchen is old-world look of its walls. In order to create this look, paint the walls with a bright base color such as butter yellow. Then, sponge a deeper shade of paint onto the walls so they will have a faded appearance. You might also want to consider texturizing the walls by mixing joint compound with paint. Applying this mixture can help create an authentic country kitchen look.

Tip #2: Focus on the Cabinet Doors

By painting your cabinet doors with contrasting colors, you can create a Tuscan country looking. Some good colors to select include forest green and deep red colors. If you top these colors off with ceramic or burnished metal knobs, you will really pull the look together.

Tip #3: Pick the Right Furniture

Furniture is another important component of a Tuscan kitchen design. You should look for a large table and chairs with a simple design. Though the design should be simple, the colors should be bright, cheerful, and inviting.

Tip #4: Display Ingredients

A Tuscan country kitchen should also utilize ingredients as a decorative component. Ingredients such as pasta and beans should be placed in jars and located in plain site. Cooking utensil holders, decanters of spices and oils, and pewter or copper vessels holding kitchen supplies should also be placed on the counters. Metal or wooden racks are another great decorative element to include if you have enough available floor space.

If you want to get Tuscan kitchen, perhaps it’s time to contact a kitchen contractor.

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