Should You Upgrade to Granite Counter tops?

When remodeling your kitchen or even your bathroom, you may need to decide upon the type of counter surface you want to install. If you have laminate counter tops, you will certainly want to upgrade to either solid surface counter tops or natural counter tops such as those made of granite. So, the question then becomes, should you hire granite countertop contractors to upgrade to granite counter tops?

The Benefits of Granite Counter tops

One of the perks to having granite counter tops is the fact that they are quite durable and attractive. There is simply nothing that looks better than granite counter tops and installing them in your home will certainly increase your home’s value. Granite is also useful in the kitchen because you don’t have to worry about having hot pads for your hot pots and pans – just place it directly on the counter top and don’t worry about it harming the surface.

The Drawbacks of Granite Counter tops

In order to answer the question of should you upgrade to granite counter tops, you also need to consider the potential downsides of this material. For example, you will have to get the counter tops sealed on a periodic basis in order to maintain the attractive appearance. In addition, depending upon wear you live and the quality of the surrounding homes, having granite counter tops can actually hurt your resale value because the counter tops may be too high end for homes in your neighborhood.

Granite counter tops are also quite expensive. In fact, it is one of the most expensive materials you can choose to use for your counter. Solid surface counters, which are still fairly expensive, are generally quite a bit less costly than granite. In addition, you can have a sink seamlessly installed in a solid surface counter top. With granite, on the other hand, you can still expect to deal with seams around your sink that can collect germs and grime.

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