Demolition Contractors

A demolition contractor works to dismantle or demolish an existing home or business. The home or business may be structurally unsafe due to insect infestation or damage from a tornado, earthquake or hurricane. Demolition experts know where to place an explosive or what beam to pull in order to cause a building to collapse. Demolition contractors must meet OSHA safety guidelines to ensure both they and their fellow workers are not harmed during a demolition.

What Should I Look for in a Demolition Contractor?

Vocational and technical schools offer classes in demolition. After all, there is more to the job than blowing up or tearing down a building. Buildings must be inspected first and a plan of action is developed to demolish a building or home in a safe manner. If the home or public building has lead paint or asbestos, these hazards must be handled properly. Therefore, it is important to hire a demolition contractor that has been properly trained.

Many states require licensing before any person can work as a demolition contractor. Potential dangers like lead and asbestos require special knowledge in their removal process, so states want to ensure a person knows exactly what they are doing to protect the public. Other states, like Texas, do not require a license, but the contractor must be certified to handle asbestos. Therefore, it is important to understand your state regulations as well as your particular situation in order to make certain you hire the right demolition contractor for the job.

How Will the Demolition Contractor Complete the Work?

A home or business must have power, gas and water turned off before they are demolished. Failure to do so can be costly. One demolition contractor was sued for $138,000 for allowing creosote to leak into a nearby stream after he demolished a former wood-treating plant. Therefore, a part of the demolition contractor’s job is to think of all of the hazards involved with the job in order to make certain people and the environment are kept safe.