10 Home Features Home Buyers are Looking For When Buying a Home

Are you getting ready to put your home on the market? If you have any of the top 10 home features home buyers are looking for, you likely won’t have any problem getting your home sold for a great asking price.

#1: Updated Appliances

Your kitchen appliances and appliances such as your furnace and water heater should be modern. It will be even better if they are energy efficient as well.

#2: Solid Surface or Natural Stone Countertops

Solid surface countertops installed by countertop contractors in the kitchen and in the bathroom are both quite popular. Having natural stone countertops, such as granite, can also be plus, though some buyers don’t want the hassle of upkeep associated with natural stone.

#3: Hardwood or Ceramic Tiled Floors

Most buyers do not want a home with vinyl tiles and even carpeting is becoming less popular. Hardwood and ceramic tiling installed by flooring contractors, however, are mainstays that are quite popular among buyers.

#4: A Two-Car Garage

A home without a garage or one with a one-car garage will be more difficult to sell. Not only do buyers want a place for their cars, they also want the storage space that two-car garages provide. Consider getting a new garage built by professional garage contractors to help add more value to your home.

#5: Master Suites

A master bedroom with a connected bathroom will be sure to get the attention of potential buyers. Consider have an addition added by addition contractors to help give your space that complete feeling.

#6: Walk-In Closets

Storage space is important to homebuyers. To that end, walk-in closets are quite popular. Walk-in “his and hers” closets is even better.

#7: Whirlpool Tubs

Even though many homeowners don’t use their whirlpool tubs, they still want to have them in their bathroom!

#8: Finished Basements

Homebuyers didn’t used to give much thought to basements, but today’s buyers want to see a clean, dry finished basement when looking to make a purchase. If your basement could use some help, consider hiring basement contractors to remodel your basement.

#9: Separated Tub and Shower

Many buyers are looking for their tubs and showers to be kept separated. In addition, they want nice, big showers that allow them plenty of room to move around. Hiring bathroom remodeling contractors may be required if there is a lot of demolition required.

#10: New Windows

Windows are important when it comes to maintaining the indoor climate. Therefore, buyers often look for homes with newer, efficient windows that will help them keep their energy costs down. If installing windows isn’t you thing, hire window contractors to install them for you.

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  1. These are excellent tips on improving your home. While we are not planning on selling our home any time soon, I think I would enjoy making these changes for myself too, not just to sell my home for a better price :) We slowly upgrade everything as the need arises and finances allow it. One day we will be living in our dream home :)

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