Stone Contractors

Stone contractors work with stone or brick installing walls, decorative trim, fountains and fireplaces.  They can work for private homeowners, rental properties or professional businesses/agencies.  Often times, stone contractors are also trained as tile contractors, brick contractors or masons and vice versa.

How Do I Select a Stone Contractor?

Stone contractors begin their careers in apprenticeships or vocational education programs that teach them how to work in the field of construction.  Once they’ve experienced a few different jobs in a vocational program, most students choose the most appealing specialty.

In order to properly complete the job, a stone contractor will use blueprints to understand the final look and the exact measurements for the project.  For this reason, a stone contractor must have knowledge dealing with measurements, fractions and reading blueprints.  Therefore, it is important to select a stone contractor that has experience and training working with the type of materials you want to have installed.  Some of these materials may include marble, granite, limestone, and concrete.

What Can a Stone Contractor do for Me?

A stone contractor can complete a number of different types of projects.  For example, you might hire stone contractor to create a brick wall or garden.  Stone contractors may also set up the outside walls for a brick or stone home.  This job requires more skill because the corners must be arranged perfectly to ensure the home’s exterior is well supported.  In a business setting, stone contractors might be asked to build or repair a brick or stone church or business, such as a restaurant or hotel.

Regardless of the job, the stone contractor will need to mix concrete, lay the bricks, use mortar to hold the bricks in place and then use his or her experience to ensure the wall is well supported by the placement of the bricks.  The more experience the contractor has, the faster the job will go.