7 Tips on How to Make the Most of Your Cold Storage Room

If you have a cold storage room in your house, you might want to find a way to get more use out of it.  There are many different things that can be stored in this area, Here’s a look at 7 tips for getting the most out of your cold storage room.

Tip #1:  Store Wine

An obvious use for a cold storage room is to store wine in the room. If you consider yourself to be a wine connoisseur, your cold storage room is the perfect place to keep it stored until you are ready to drink it. All you need to do is add a wine rack and you will be able to easily store a wide variety of your favorite drinks.

Tip #2: Store Root Vegetables

Your cold storage room is also the perfect place to store root vegetables, such as potatoes and onions. To prevent the bottoms of the vegetables from becoming damaged, however, you will want to add some hanging baskets to your cold storage room. This way, you can just put the vegetables in the baskets and grab them as you need them.

Tip #3: Store Canned Goods

If you enjoy canning fruits and vegetables, your cold storage room is a great place to do it. In order to optimize your space so you can store as many canned goods as possible, be sure to add some shelves to your cold storage room.

Tip #4: Store Winter Garb

Your cold storage room doesn’t have to be used only for storing food. In fact, it is also a great place to store your winter clothing during the summer months. Your clothes will stay dry, clean and safe in your cold storage room. For easy storage of clothes, you may want to add a dowel rod so you can hang clothes or simply purchase some plastic bins that can be moved in and out of the room when needed.

Tip #5: Store Seasonal Decorations

Your cold storage room is also a great place for storing seasonal decorations. Plastic bins will also come in handy here, but you might want to consider getting clear plastic bins so you can more easily see what is inside each bin. At the very least, separate your bins according to holiday and label each one of them so you can easily find the one that goes with the holiday you are celebrating.

Tip #6: Store Pet Food

In addition to storing your food, your cold storage room is a great place for storing pet food so it will remain fresh. Purchase bins or sealable buckets for your pet food so you can close it securely and keep rodents at bay.

Tip#7:Utilize Wall Space

With all of the different thing that can be stored in this area of your home, will need more than just floor space to best utilize this room.  To make your cold storage even more practical, creating shelving and cubboard space will be essential  and add appeal and value.

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