Cabinet Contractors

A cabinet contractor, which is more commonly referred to as simply a carpenter, has the job of building cabinets and other wooden structures in homes and commercial businesses. In addition, cabinet contractors repair and maintain cabinetry that is already in place so the customer does not have to buy all new cabinets. This scope extends beyond that of simple refinishing, though sometimes a cabinet contractor will engage in refinishing work if it is part of a more extensive repair job.

What Can a Cabinet Contractor Do For Me?

A cabinet contractor may have many different projects going on at one time. All of their projects involve woodworking in some way, whether it involves interior or exterior structures. In fact, a cabinet contractor may even build furniture such as bunk beds, tables, chairs, bookcases, toy boxes, china cabinets, dressers, free standing closets, and much more. If you can build it with wood, it is likely to be a project that a cabinet contractor can perform. Many people prefer the customized look and will call upon a professional to build cabinets and furniture rather than buy what is available in stores.

How Do I Select a Cabinet Contractor?

Like other professions, a cabinet contractor must have a business license. In addition, he must pass an apprenticeship program before any reputable contractor will send him on any job without the aid of a more experienced cabinet contractor. While working with the experienced contractor, an apprentice will learn all of the many types of projects he may be called upon to perform, and he will gain valuable experience in the process. By the time his training is complete, he will have the knowledge and experience he needs to perform well in the field. The time requirements will vary from company to company, but an apprenticeship program can run anywhere from two to five years. Therefore, it is important for you to ask the cabinet contractor to describe his or her experiences and to hire someone that has completed many projects in the field.