Siding Contractors

installing vinyl sidingThe exterior of a person’s home or business must be protected from inclement weather.

In many cases, vinyl siding has become the popular choice. It is durable, waterproof and stands up to temperature changes. There are still homes where cedar shingles, metal siding and fiber cement are also popular. To have these exterior coverings installed, a siding contractor is needed.

What Can a Siding Contractor Do For Me?

Siding contractors help estimate, design, remove and install exterior siding. A typical job begins with a thorough discussion with the your siding contractor so he or she can determine your likes and dislikes. With this information, the siding contractor can help you choose the type of siding you want and can then come up with an estimate for the job. Once you have accepted the estimate, the siding contractor will schedule the job and get to work.

What Can I Expect from the Siding Contractor?

The first step the siding contractor will take is to remove all of the old siding. He or she will then inspect the plywood for dry rot or damage. Next, new insulation wrap or Tyvek paper will be applied and the siding will be placed over it.

There are many forms of siding available:

  • Aluminum or Metal Siding – Not as popular as it once was, metal siding is durable, withstands high temperatures and resists rust. It is much harder to find now.
  • Fiber Cement Siding – Composite siding made from a mix of sand, cement and cellulose. It resembles wood but is fire and insect resistant. The one downfall is that excessive rain can damage it.
  • Vinyl Siding – Relatively maintenance free, but you must be careful to keep grills away from your house.
  • Wood Siding – One of the most elegant looking sidings and it repels some insects, especially if you use cedar. Be aware that you will need to paint or stain the siding periodically.

How Do I Select a Siding Contractor?

A siding contractor must be insured and some states do require licensing. Siding contractors are not required to go to college, though some technical colleges do offer degrees in construction and contracting. Usually, a siding contractor will work as an apprentice before taking on projects. Therefore, you should look for a contractor with the proper experience and training before hiring someone for the job.