Exterior Painting Contractors

Homes and businesses with vinyl siding rarely need exterior painting contractors, but if the trim on the peak of the building or around the windows is not covered with vinyl siding, painting becomes an issue. Unprotected wood can rot or crack due to weather extremes and exterior paint is the only way to protect this trim. Few home or business owners have ladders high enough to reach these areas. Others may be scared of heights or lack the time needed to keep up with painting. This is where an exterior painting contractor comes in.

What Can I Expect When Meeting with an Exterior Painter?

When hiring an exterior painting contractor, he or she will sit down with you and plan the outdoor painting project. The exterior painting contractor may also help you choose suitable paint types and colors and will then give you an estimate on how much it will cost to have the house or business painted.

Once you accept an estimate, the exterior painter will schedule a time for the painting project. Weather plays a huge part in scheduling because the weather must be clear, not too humid and allow enough time for the paint to dry before any rain. Weather can make an exterior painting contractor’s scheduling very difficult and often weekend hours are required to keep up with a packed work calendar.

What Will the Painter Do for My Home?

A typical painting job involves removal of any old paint, sealing up gaps with exterior latex/paintable caulk, and then the actual job of painting. The exterior painting contractor must clean up any drips or splatters. An exterior painting contractor carries his or her own tools including ladders, paint buckets, paint brushes, rollers, paint thinners and is usually responsible for ordering the paint. Once paint is ready, the exterior painting contractor also ensures the color is correct.

What Should I Look for in an Exterior Painting Contractor?

In most cases, an exterior painting contractor does not need to have any special licensing through the state. Nonetheless, you should hire one that has plenty of experience and has worked under a professional painter for a couple of years. In addition, if you need lead or some other hazardous material to be removed in the process, the contractor should be properly trained in removal of the material.