Framing Contractors

A framing contractor is an individual that has the responsibility for constructing the frame of a building. This involves the actual basis of any building whether commercial or residential and – with the exception of the foundation – is necessary before any other parts of the building are installed. Framing a building ensures its strength and allows the building contractor to see how the building is going to be laid out. Framing also helps the other contractors identify the location of all the rooms and areas in the building.

What Framing Contractors Do

When a building is being constructed, the framing contractor is likely to be the most important person on the job except for those who lay the foundation. Whether you are building a house, apartment building, factory, warehouse, office building, or even a cabin, the framing has to be completed before any of the rooms are constructed. A framing contractor may work alone or be part of the team of general contractors. If the framing contractor is with a general contractor, he will most likely still have a separate function from other employees of that contractor.

How Do I Select a Framing Contractor?

A framing contractor, like others involved in building construction trade, usually receives on the job training. Some individual companies may offer formal training, which means the framing contractor may have received training that is specific to that company. Many times a framing contractor will be part of the overall building construction team and may be trained in all aspects of building construction instead of just framing.

There are no specific certifications that are necessary, although some companies may certify their own work to be the highest quality and free of any defaults. Individual contractors do not need to be licensed, but the company for whom they work must be licensed according to their state and regional requirements. Therefore, you should make certain the framing contractor has the right business licensing before hiring him or her for the job.