Interior Painting Contractors

Many homeowners and business owners lack the time or eye for color needed to paint the rooms in their home. After time, old paint jobs become dull, fade or even chip or peel away. This decreases a home or business’s value. To get help with these problems, you may want to hire an interior painting contractor.

What Does an Interior Painting Contractor Do?

Interior painting contractors work with clients to help them plan their room colors, decide how much paint is necessary, choose a suitable type of paint, and then prepare and paint a room or rooms within a home or business. Some interior paint contractors only handle the painting aspect and leave the selection of colors and finishes to an interior designer.

Since there are many different types of paint finishes, such as latex, semi-gloss, glossy, flat, your interior painting contractor will help you determine which paint is best suited to the area you are having painted. For example, flat paint should never be used in a bathroom because flat paint attracts mildew growth. Interior painting contractors often have little more than a high school diploma.

How Do I Choose an Interior Painting Contractor?

Some interior painting contractors may attend college in order to earn an interior design degree, but you do not necessarily have to hire someone with a degree. Rather, hiring someone with plenty of experience in the field should help you receive great results.

What Can I Expect from an Interior Painting Job?

A typical interior painting job begins with painting tarps being placed over the flooring, painting tape being installed around window or door trim, and furniture being covered or moved to another room. Interior painting jobs generally begin with a fresh coat of paint for the ceiling and then work downwards. Holes or dents are filled with caulk and sanded smooth and then a layer of primer is painted onto the wall. Once the primer dries, the first layer of paint is added. This dries and then a second coat is applied. Providing primer is used first, a third layer should be unnecessary.