Top 5 Signs You Need New Kitchen Flooring

Having a sound kitchen floor is important. Not only is the kitchen generally a high volume traffic area, it is also subject to spills, heat, and other abuses that aren’t as common in other areas of the house. Therefore, it is important to make certain your kitchen floor is in good shape, which may mean replacing it from time to time. If you aren’t sure if your floor needs to be replaced, be on the lookout for these 5 signs you need new flooring in your kitchen.

#1: It Has Cracks

A cracked kitchen floor is a real problem. Not only does a cracked floor look unattractive, it also leaves the sub-flooring more susceptible to damage. It is inevitable that spills will occur on your kitchen floor. If you have cracks in your floor, these spills will ooze into the sub-flooring and cause water damage. As a result, the sub-flooring can rot and your entire floor may ultimately cave in on itself.

#2: It is Outdated

An outdated kitchen, including its floor, can really reduce the value of your home. Therefore, if you are looking to boost your home’s value or if you are simply wanting a change for yourself, changing the floor is a good place to start. Installing a new kitchen floor can be relatively inexpensive, but it will make a bit impact on the overall look of the room.

#3: It Has Soft Spots

If your kitchen has developed soft spots, it is a sign that there are problems with the subflooring. In this case, you can’t just replace the tiling or wood on the surface of the floor. You may need to put in a new subfloor or you may need to strengthen it before putting on new flooring.

#4: It is Warped

Older kitchen floors and kitchen floors that have water damaged may become warped. In this case, your floor may look like a series of rolling hills. Obviously, this makes it difficult and uncomfortable to walk on the floor. It is also a sign of serious damage and indicates that your subfloor and flooring will both need to be replaced.

#5: It is Stained

After years of spills and high traffic, kitchen floors can become stained or scuffed to the point that they simply don’t look good anymore. If your flooring has become so worn out that it looks terrible, it is time for you to treat yourself to something new!

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