Lighting Contractors

A lighting contractor is an individual whose specialty is in the area of lighting fixtures and decorative lighting. Although most decorative lighting projects pertain to commercial projects, especially that of convention halls and other venues, there are many residential areas that also use decorative lighting, especially larger homes whose owners do a great deal of entertaining. Lighting contractors can work with you to develop the exactly look you want and help you choose fixtures that will match with your décor and design.

Why Do I Need to Hire a Lighting Contractor?

A lighting contractor can be part of many different projects, including the installation of new lighting, replacement of existing lighting, installation and replacement of decorative lighting, installation of overhead lighting in commercial buildings including factories and warehouses, providing design assistance to potential and existing customers, installation of theatrical lighting, and much more.

A lighting contractor can also repair those fixtures that are not working properly, but not in need of replacement. He or she can also assist you in making the right decisions concerning placement of your lighting and the right designs for the area where you need to install lighting. If you are installing lighting for a special event, the lighting contractor can also help you select designs that will coordinate with your other decorations.

How Do I Choose the Right Lighting Contractor for Me?

Anyone who works with anything electrical needs to be well-trained before attempting to do any installation or repair work. A lighting contractor falls into the same category as an electrician and must be certified in installation, repair, and safety procedures. Whether it involves an apprenticeship, as with an electrician, or just on the job training, there is the necessity for extensive training and certification before attempting to work with any kind of electrical product or appliance. In addition to certification, an individual contractor will need to have a business license that covers him to work in each area where he has contracted work. Therefore, make certain the lighting contractor you hire has the proper training and certification before hiring him or her for the job.