How to Determine What Kind of Deck to Build

When building a deck, you have a variety of different styles and materials to select from. Therefore, in order to make certain you build the deck to best suit your needs and taste, it is important to learn how to determine what kind of deck to build.

Above Ground Pool Deck

There are five basic types of decks for you to choose from, with the above ground pool deck being one of them. Obviously, you won’t need this type of deck if you aren’t installing an above ground pool. If you are installing a pool, however, having one of these decks is almost a necessity because it makes it easier to get in and out of the pool. It also makes your pool safer and keeps it better protected.

Roof Deck

If you live in an urban townhouse and don’t have much backyard space, a roof deck may be a good option for you. Many apartment dwellers or homeowners with limited space also enjoy adding a garden to their roof decks. Just be certain to put railing around the rooftop to prevent falling.

Wood Deck

One of the materials you can choose to build your deck with is wood. Wood is the more traditional type of deck and you have no limitations when it comes to your design. In addition, you can paint or stain a wood deck to suit the style and color of your home.

Vinyl Deck

Vinyl decks are very durable and are cost-effective. These decks never need to be painted or stained and are in available in a wide variety of colors. They can be installed the same way as wood decks and never splinter like wood.

Composite Deck

A composite deck is one made from a special type of material made from half polymer and half wood. This material is just as durable as vinyl decking, but has the attractive look of wood. At the same time, it does not splinter and it lasts much longer than wood without requiring any special type of maintenance.

No matter what kind of deck you decide on, it’s best to use an experienced deck contractor to ensure it’s designed, built, or installed correctly.

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