How to Select the Best Driveway for Your Home

Are you wondering how to select the best driveway for your home? The reality is that there are several different types of materials that can be used to create a driveway. Therefore, you need to consider your budget, your style, as well as building codes when determining which material is right for you.

The Gravel Driveway

Gravel driveways are easily the least expensive option for creating a driveway. Depending upon the size of your driveway, you may be able to get enough gravel to cover it for less than $1,000. At the same time, you will need to have more gravel brought in every few years, as the gravel will work its way into the ground and need to be replaced. In addition, some jurisdictions consider gravel driveways to be unfinished and will not allow them to serve as the finished product.

The Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt driveway, which are also referred to as blacktop driveways, are more expensive than gravel driveways. Nonetheless, they are the least expensive solid surface option available. While asphalt driveways can be quite attractive, they do need to resealed every few years and require a bit of maintenance in order to keep them looking good.

The Concrete Driveway

Concrete driveways can be quite a bit more expensive than asphalt driveways. At the same time, they do not need to be resealed and require very little maintenance. In fact, the only maintenance necessary for concrete driveways involves getting cracks filled right away if a crack should occur. Another advantage to concrete is that it can be shaped to create intricate curves and designs. In addition, it can be colored in order to create a very unique look.

The Brick or Cobblestone Driveway

Brick and cobblestone driveways are the most expensive driveway material option. Although this material is quite attractive, it does have a tendency to settle unevenly. As a result, you may need to get it repaired on a semi-regular basis. Nonetheless, the material is very decorative is used on many high-end homes.

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