10 Feng Shui Remodeling Tips for Your Home

With the help of Feng Shui, you can bring positive energy into your life.  If you aren’t sure how to bring Feng Shui into your home, consider these top 10 feng shui remodeling tips for your home.

Plant an Herb Garden

For great Feng Shui and food, consider planting a small herbal garden in your kitchen.  Through careful planning, you can get plenty of sun for your herbs through your windows while keeping your herbs within easy reach.

Break Up Aligned Doors

Homes typically have indoor doors that are aligned, which is bad Feng Shui.  Look for ways to break up the alignment, such as placing a plant or table between the doorways.

Install Closet Organizers

With Feng Shui, you cannot simply throw everything in your closet and forget about it.  The clutter in your closet will disturb your Feng Shui energy, so add organizers and shelves in your closet so you can keep it neat and organized.

Choose Fire Colors for Home Offices

The fire element is meant to bring supporting energy to your career efforts, which means they are good choice for a home office.  These colors include orange, red, purple, strong yellow, and pink.

Choose Earth Colors for Bedrooms

The earth element is meant to bring nourishment, stability, and protection, which makes these colors a good choice for your bedrooms or anywhere else protection is needed.  These colors include beige and light yellow.

Use Metal Colors for the Kitchen

The metal element brings clarity, precision, sharpness and efficiency, making it a good choice for the kitchen.  These colors include white and gray.

Use Water Colors for the Bathroom

The water element brings easy, calm, freshness and purity, which makes it a good choice for use in the bathroom.  The colors of water are blue and black.

Use Wood Colors for the Living Room

The wood element brings vitality, health, and growth, making it a good choice for the living room.  Wood colors include brown and green.

Create a Spa-Like Bathroom

Feng Shui is about positive energy and relaxation.  By creating a spa-like bathroom, you will be able to bring more calm into your life.

Let the Light In

Light is an important component of Feng Shui, so be certain to install plenty of lighting and to put it on a dimmer switch.  You should also look for ways to let in more natural light, such as installing glass patio doors or larger windows.

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